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Physical Science

Biological Science

Social Studies

Gr II Headmasters

Gr II Physical Education


Proceedings of the DEO, Prakasam

SGT Rationalisation ( Annexure-I)

LFL Rationalisation (Annexure-II)

SAs Rationalisation in UP (Annexure-III)

Sanctioned posts as per GO 43 (Anneuxre-IV)

Sanctioned posts Adjustment (Annexure-V)

Merged Schools Proceedings

Below 10 Enroll Schools & Merged Schools

Old Items

SC & ST Teachers particulars - Subject wise

Category wise & Management wise Schools Enrollment particulars in the district - Download XL sheet

Mid day Meal Programme

MDM - GO 94 - Guidelines of MDM Scheme

MDM Budget surrender certificate -Model

Rice Allotment-June-2014

MDM Expenditure Particulars proforma-2013-14

MDM Expenditure Particulars proforma-1st quarter -2014-15 - NEW

Rice Indent Particulars proforma

VIII Class included UP Schools

Incentive Girls Proformas -2012-13

MDM Budget 2014-15- NEW

Note:All the Headmasters of the High Schools under Govt/ZP/Aided Managements are hereby informed that download the Incentive Girls Profromas and data pertaining to 2012-13 and prepare the Proforma III immediately and submit the same to DEO Office immediately. Ffurther informed that the information for the year 2013-14 should submitt within 5 days.


Annual Grants for High Schools under RMSA-2012-13

RMSA Grants Utilisation Proceedings & Guidelines

RMSA Grants Utilisation Certificate Proforma


        The Boundaries of Prakasam district are Bay of Bengal in the East, Cuddapah and Nellore districts in the South, Kurnool district in the West and Guntur district in the North directions.

        This district was formed In the year 1970. This district is named as Prakasam in remembrance of Andhra Kesari Sri. Tanguturi Prakasam Punthulu who hails from this district in 1972. Some Taluks in this district were added from Guntur, Nellore and Kurnool districts.

          Forests occupy 25% of the total district area. Under Social forestry scheme Eucalyptus plantations are carried over in the coastal belts. World Bank Aid promotes orchids and Cashew nut farming in some parts of the district. The Stone used in the manufacturing of Slates, Gypsum and small amounts of Copper are the minerals obtained from these lands.


School wise Vacancies position for verification

School Assistant and equivalent Cadre Vacancies for Teacher Transfer Counseling (30-08-2015) - Download

LFL & SGT Cadre Vacancies (30-08-2015) - Download

ALL High school Headmasters Phone Numbers - Download

Antecident Reports of Schools Assistnats -Prakasam District - Download

Divisional level meetings Procs & Proformas - Download

Work Youth Skills Day on 15-07-2015 Guidelines - Download

MHRD Review meeting orders and Agenda on 13-07-2015- Download

District level committee for conduct of various competitions - Download

DRG Application - Download

School Assistant and equivalent Cadre Vacancies - Download

EL Presereved orders of CSE to Teachers for SSC supplimentary Exams - Download

  Base line test - Norms and Guidelines (Annual Assesment Survey-2015) - Download

School Assistant Promotions from SGT cadre_Seniority list_ SA(Maths) & SA(BS) - Download

School Assistant Vacancies for promotions 07-03-2015 - Download

DEO Proceedings to All Schools ( SSC Improvement activities) - Download

Nominal Roll Corrections - Download

DED 2nd year pass certificates ( DIET,Mynampadu) - Download

DED spot Admissions by the management - Proforma - Download

Rationalisation Particulars School wise (High Schools) - Download

RMSA - AWP-2015-16 Formats - Download

  List of SC / ST category teachers (new for verification) - download

Teachers Transfers - May-2013 - All Transfer Annexures - Download

SC,ST Backlog Posts Notification-Prakasam district- new - Download

Private Schools Fee particulars - Orders & GO - Download

LFL Seniority list for stepup (Updated 28-07-2014) - Download

Teachers Transfers - May-2013 - All Transfer Annexures - Download

Un_Recognised Schools in Prakasam District 2015-16 - Download

Instructions to Dy.E.Os/MEOs on Un-Recognised Schools - Download

Aided Teachers Rationalisation - GOs & Guidelines

National Teachers Award Application - Download

Work arrangement - DIET Application for deputation- Download

Antecident Reports of Teachers for Regularisation of Service - Download

School Assistant Seniority list for Gr II HM Promotions(16-05-2014)- Download 

Part time Instructors applications & Guidelines - Download  

BPEd Application for Inservice Teachers (PETs) Application - Download

BPED Admissions List - ( All the candidates appeal any objections by tomorrow without fail) _ Download

Private D.Ed Colleges_ Spot Admissions Proceedings - Download 

RMSA - List of Schools_ Not submitting SMDC Bank Account particulars -  Download

SSC SPOT Valuation Seniority list - Download